Association between Ambient Air Pollution and Diabetes Mellitus in Europe and North America: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Air pollution is hypothesized to be a risk factor for diabetes. Epidemiological evidence is inconsistent and has not been systematically evaluated.

Author : kenna C. Eze,1,2 Lars G. Hemkens,3 Heiner C. Bucher,3 Barbara Hoffmann,4,5 Christian Schindler,1,2 Nino Künzli,1,2Tamara Schikowski,1,2,4 and Nicole M. Probst-Hensch1,2
Source : EHP Environmental Health Perspectives
Year Published : 2015
Date posted : October 14, 2019
Biology Environment Health
Atmospheric sciences Biochemistry Biology Cellular Biology Diet Disease Environmental Chemistry Physiology
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