About us

Have you ever wondered about the debate between GMO vs Organic? Are pesticides really that bad for you? How come there are so many contradictory studies about fats and sugars? What about vegetarian or carnivore? Or both? Or Neither? What about Fasting? Statins or Cholesterol? How effective is Chemo Therapy? Are the FDA protecting consumer interests or corporate interests?
Let’s put it all out there and see.

Research air is was originally developed to establish a complete scientific medical database containing all of the studies ever conducted in the health sciences. This data base is designed to be accessed by all, in the name of open information. The scope of the database was originally intended to include herbal medicine and pharmaceuticals, Eastern and Western medicine as well statistical and empirical studies. It then naturally followed to expand the scope to include a much wider range of disciplines, ranging from Organic Chemistry to Sociology; from Micro Economics to Neurology as well as many others. In fact, if a particular field is not included then you as a contributor can create it whenever you upload a study.

The inspiration for research air came when the Australian government called for a ban on the sale of raw milk. I was informed, and I had read up significantly on the health benefits – particularly from happy healthy grass fed cows. Raw milk was already limited to sale as ‘bath milk’ which allowed for a large tax excise to be attached, but at least I could still get it. Raw milk began increasing in popularity. And one day it was banned completely. The media said “A girl died after drinking raw milk”, and that was it. There was no further studies or information. As if no one had ever gotten sick from pasterurised milk! One of the reasons given for the ban was that there were no studies done on raw milk and that the authorities did not believe it was safe for the public. How lucky I was for their concern, aren’t they lovely? The thing is, I know that there are dozens of studies on raw milk and our Grandparents were raised on it! It’s still banned today, but a database like this would be a slap in the face to regulators, special interests and pseudo scientists. (You will also find studies that condemn dairy, so go to the discussion page and seek the best truth you can find!)

Regarding our Grandparent’s era, I was sick of hearing about “new studies” or “new discoveries”, when a lot of so called “new research” had been know for years, decades or centuries in some cases. A database would revive old lost gems of health.. that is, if they passed the scrutiny of the modern collective.. and that would be an amazing contribution.

So join the community, upload, comment, discuss and learn!